WTO in Seattle: Ten Years Later

WTO in Seattle: 10 Years Later

Ten years ago, Seattle hosted the World Trade Organization. High level meetings were interrupted when massive protests broke out. In our three-part series: “WTO in Seattle: 10 Years Later,” KPLU examines the long-term impact the event had on trade, protests, and police.

What do you remember from the protests surrounding the WTO in Seattle?

The events that came with the World Trade Organization in Seattle made the city synonymous with riots and police violence. At that time, KPLU reporter Steve Krueger held down the business and labor beat and had the foresight to plan extensive coverage about the WTO meeting.

KPLU's current business and labor reporter Bellamy Pailthorp invited her predecessor into our studios for the first installment of our 3-part series.

When the World Trade Organization came to Seattle 10 years ago, so did tens of thousands of demonstrators. Seattle became the stage on which the largest American street protest in a generation played out.

KPLU reporter Liam Moriarty spent much of that week out among the activists who flocked to the city from around the world to put global trade in the spotlight. He has this reporter’s notebook.

KPLU’s Liam Moriarty spent the morning of November 30, 1999 covering the action on the streets of Seattle. He put together an account of what he saw …

Ten years ago, when protesters confronted the World Trade Organization in Seattle few could imagine what the long term impact would be. One thing it has done is change how police now approach mass demonstrations.

KPLU Law and Justice Reporter Paula Wissel has the final story in our series “The WTO in Seattle: 10 years later.

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