Sponsorship & Underwriting

Sponsorship & Underwriting

KPLU Sponsor Spotlight

Every month, KPLU spotlights one or two of our sponsors as a way of thanking them for supporting this station.

In turn, we ask you to consider supporting our sponsors. Learn more below or by clicking on a logo to link to a sponsor website.

 Summer is exterior house painting season and for 80 years, Rodda Paint has been here to help as a local manufacturer with knowledgeable employees who are problem-solving experts, quality products designed for Northwest weather, including the new Cascadia color collection.

A full list of neighborhood stores can be found online at www.roddapaint.com.

Sponsorship and Underwriting

Underwrite on KPLU KPLU offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to support the quality programming public radio offers and, at the same time, inform listeners about their products or services.

On public radio, this is known as underwriting or sponsorship. When a business or organization becomes sponsor, they make a donation in support of certain programming. In return, KPLU airs the sponsorship announcements letting our listeners know who the contributor is. The announcements are 20 seconds in length.

Sponsorship also helps your company or organization build a positive image in the community by partnering you with a distinguished, highly respected information medium.


For New Inquires Contact:
Bob Nordberg
Director of Sponsorship Sales
(206) 922-1038


Mary Knox
(206) 922-1040
Cherie Singer
(206) 922-1032

Pamela Petrich
(206) 922-1034
Brenda Senderoff
(206) 922-1049

Mark Cholvin
(206) 922-1035
Dinah Donaldson
(206) 922-1051