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What is the "New KPLU Player"?

In December 2010, we released a new Adobe Flash based player to stream our On-Air radio.  This replaced our previous Microsoft Silverlight based player, in order to offer the stream to a larger majority of our listening audience.

What is the "Player of Your Choice"?

This stream is for iTunes and similar players. To use in iTunes, copy this link,, and in iTunes go to "Advanced > Open Stream..." and copy in the URL. This stream is our On-Air Broadcast, meaning you hear exactly what you would hear on the radio.

Did your stream URLs change?

Yes! In mid-July, 2011 our streaming provider upgraded the servers and software that run our MP3 & AAC+ stream. If you were using our old MP3 & AAC+ stream URLs, please begin using the new URLs listed below.

What is Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash is a cross platform multimedia player.  It is commonly used in many web applications, from advertisements to streaming players.  The download is free and is available on most operating systems.  You can download the latest version of Flash from Adobe's website.

What was the Abacast Plug-In?

The Abacast Plug-In was previously required to use our 64 kbps stream. It is no longer used nor supported by Abacast and we recommend that you simply uninstall the application if you previously used it. We do still use Abacast as our streaming provider and will be in the URL of our online streaming players, however, they no longer require the use of a plug-in to receive high quality audio.

How do I stream KPLU on an Internet Radio Device?

To stream on an Internet Radio Device, you can trying entering in one of the following URLs. Depending on the device, it may accept only certain formats. We recommend using our ASX or AAC+ streams if possible, as they provide the best sound quality. The stream URLs are:
AAC+ (64 kbps):
ASX (WMA - 64 kbps):
MP3 (32 kbps):

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