Jimmy Jazzoid Goes to Hell
Jimmy Jazzoid Goes to Hell

Beloved media superstar by day, courageous crime fighter by night!  With high-viscosity solutions for all your noxious needs -- The Corporation for Toxic Black Sludge presents yet another astounding adventure from the fermented files of...Jimmy Jazzoid, DJ Detective!


Thus begins Jimmy Jazzoid Goes to Hell, the third episode in KPLU Midday Jazz host Dick Stein's radio musical trilogy, and a follow-up to last yearís sold-out live presentation of Jimmy Jazzoid and the Squid Lord from Space.  This yearís production of Jimmy Jazzoid took place before a studio audience at Seattleís Museum of History & Industry and was broadcast live on October 29. 



This last episode in the Jimmy Jazzoid trilogy marks the DJ Detective's hottest assignment yet.  In a poignant retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Jimmy (Dick Stein) must rescue the soul of pavement princess Moistella Culatello (Robin Lloyd) from the fires of Hell.  Joining him are a cast of KPLU favorites including Nick Morrison, Katherine Banwell, Adam Gehrke, and Seattle Times restaurant critic and columnist, and KPLU "Food for Thought" commentator, Nancy Leson.


The show also features live music and sound effects, plus the vocal stylings of the Fabulous Fenderskirts, who performed live on stage after the radio play.


To see photos from last year's production of Jimmy Jazzoid and the Squid Lord from Space and listen to the show, go here.

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